Suppliers of electronic digital Animal scales

Eagle Weighing Scales Company is an industrial weighing scale supplier in Uganda, who work with distributors and dealers to deliver true integrated industrial solutions. 

Scale distributors and users look to us when,

  • They want their scales that simply work without spending time on after-sales service worries because we have a quality procedure in place. 
  • Need a complete industrial solution that covers from table scales to platform scales, from stainless scales to waterproof scales, and from high accuracy scales to UNBS certified scales. 
  • Seeking a competitive advantage by offering the unique UNBS certified weighing scales that are not available everywhere.
  • They have had it with Chinese scales that are good enough to last through the warranty period, or need constant repair. 
  • They are tired of suppliers constantly changing components or PCB versions.
  • They are tired of quality inconsistency in the deliveries they receive and need to spend extra hours to correct the supplier's mistakes. 

Our business philosophy is very different than typical Chinese scale suppliers. To provide scale distributors advantages and healthy margins, we prefer to work with only a handful of customers in the region. 

Here is how we are different from the other available alternatives:

  • We work only with selected partners, not everyone that comes. 
  • We are the one-stop-shop for industrial solutions, and often no minimum order quantity is required. 
  • We offer in-house financing options to help clients manage capital expenditures and cash flow. 
  • We can provide a complete marketing package covering website, catalogs and user manual, product images, banners, and others.
  • We help prevent cross-border selling so that our dealers and distributors could enjoy a healthy margin for selling and marketing weighing scales. 
  • Our products are 100% made in England and USA, and we are an UNBS accredited company, which means we have a quality procedure in place to make sure the quality consistency for every shipment. 
  • Weighing scales products that last more than 10 years are not uncommon, and we keep large spare parts for them. 

Our vision is to build a close family with our consumers and play a totally different game than typical scale supplies, which care more about moving ever greater number of scales, but less about you. In our vision, we wish to work with local distributors to help keep cross-border selling to a minimum, and provide a healthy margin for high-quality scales and great technical services.

All our products are UNBS approved to be supplied and distributed in Uganda. We have a higher standard when it comes to product quality and performance.

We are located at Wandegeya University Plaza Room A18

For more details please contact us on ; +256 700225423

+256 (0) 787089315

Or email us at;eagleweighingsystems[at]


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