Shaba National Reserve – Magical Kenya Safaris

there is less wildlife in Shaba, and most tours based in the reserve conduct game drives in Buffalo Springs. Tourist traffic is very low, but the scenery is magnificent.

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Wildlife & Animals – Shaba National Reserve 

Shaba is not a great wildlife destination. Although connected to Samburu, which offers excellent wildlife viewing, animal densities are low in Shaba. Four of the Big Five can be encountered, but rhinos are absent. The park is home to some of Kenya’s dry country specials including beisa oryx, lesser kudu, reticulated giraffe, Gravy’s zebra and gerenuk. The Ewaso Nyiro River is a good place to look for big Nile crocodiles

Shaba lacks the wildlife densities of its neighboring reserves, Samburu and Buffalo Springs, but all the same species are present. Of the Big Five, only rhino is absent. Most likely to be seen on a game drive are antelopes, which might include Thomson’sand Grant’s gazelle and Beisa oryx. There are some enormous Nile crocodiles in the river.

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